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7 Ways Ricoh GlobalScan NX Streamlines Your Documents

Posted by Craig on December 18, 2017

Keeping the documents within your business properly organized and routed to the right place is undeniably important. And sometimes, it's a little more aspirational than practical. It can take a lot of time, effort and money to implement and maintain these processes. GlobalScan NX from Ricoh makes it easy and worthwhile.

Here's how GlobalScan NX will streamline your document management:


Ease of Use

Working GlobalScan NX into your workday couldn't be easier. Your workflows and features appear as big buttons right on your copier's screen. As you scan, you can combine pages from both the scanner bed and the feeder into the same document. Then, before you store or route your digital documents, you can view and zoom into image previews to be sure everything looks up to snuff!


Painless Administration

The IT team can breathe a sigh of relief. GlobalScan NX can centrally manage users, groups, devices and more and the configuration wizard can help with preset or custom-built workflows.


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Enhanced Security

Security is increasingly important at organzations big and small, and GlobalScan NX utilizes 128 bit encryption for scanned documents. Email server changes are immediately reflected at the copier's control panel and images are not stored on the local hard drive.


Enhanced security with Ricoh GlobalScan NX



Image Improvement Tools

Image clarity is paramount for proper archiving. GlobalScan NX removes speckles, straighten images and takes out three hole punch marks, right out of the box.


Convenient Organizing

When your documents are organized well, business runs so much smoother. With GlobalScan NX, you can add metadata with an external keyboard, as well as Bates label and watermark your pages. Combined with smart routing workflows, your documents will always be easy to find the first time.


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Robust Document Routing

Using a variety of tools, your documents can be stored in hot folders, network shares, local desktops and in the cloud. Utilize features such as barcode scanning and zonal OCR to automate your routing policies.


Cost Reduction

In the end, not only does GlobalScan NX bring convenience, but it also brings return on investment (ROI). The office staff isn't spending time moving or finding documents and the IT staff isn't spending nearly as much time administrating complicated workflow software.



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