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A&A Office Systems Recognized as Technology Solutions Leader

Posted by Craig on December 20, 2016

"Solutions" is a buzzword, but a helpful one. Solutions are a kind of quick marketing potpourri for a variety of services and products that are otherwise not so easily categorized. What often separates a solution of the buzzword kind from just, you know, a solution is the complexity of the problem and implementation of its resolution. The dish brush I recently purchased solved my dirty dish problem, but I think few would call it a kitchen solution (even if it actually is). But the hardware and applications necessary to scan my document from an MFP, OCR it on the fly, move it to a network share to be reviewed by another department later and email a copy to my inbox are a bit more complex than my dish brush. We need a word like solutions to do the heavy lifting in a situation like that.

A&A Office Systems Mission Statement Highlights a Commitment to Our Clients

Posted by Craig on December 07, 2016
A&A Office Systems is proud to present our new mission statement. The new mission statement replaces our previous statement of more than 20 years, "To listen and provide you with the finest office automation equipment, personal service and first-class support" as the company continues to grow and adapt to an everchanging workplace.
Our new mission statement: