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What is VoIP and How Can It Transform Your Business?

Posted by A&A Office Systems on May 07, 2019

The simplest explanation of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is this:

Artificial Intelligence Is About to Transform Cloud Computing

Posted by Kye Smith on April 16, 2019

In recent years, as our clients know, cloud computing has become a key component of modern office work. The cloud is a tremendous boon for storing information, enabling collaboration, and backing up critical stores of knowledge.

Colocation vs. Cloud - Which Is The Better Solution For Your Business?

Posted by Kye Smith on April 09, 2019

These days in many IT circles and admin coffee rooms, you'll likely hear some passionate debate about the "colocation vs. cloud?" question.

For many enterprises, colocation may seem a bit too "old-school," while cloud computing appears to be the grand disruptor. This is especially the case since so many major players have entered the space, such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

4 Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) For Your Business

Posted by John Partenio on January 15, 2019

These days, more and more businesses are moving away from “plain-vanilla” virtual/shared hosting plans and opting to set up a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for their various website hosting and other networking/data-related needs. 

There are several reasons for this upward trend. One being that VPS solutions simply provide more power, autonomy, and flexibility than most standard virtual or shared plans, and at a slightly higher average cost. 

Desktop as a Service - Why Your Organization Can Benefit from DaaS

Posted by John Partenio on December 19, 2018

We live in a world of digital acronyms SaaS, Iaas, PaaS, and more. But there’s one that may not be as familiar, DaaS or Desktop as a Service. DaaS provides desktop solutions so that employees can work virtually anywhere without sacrificing the use of critical apps and data. Employees can access all their desktop applications as well as line-of-business software in a cloud-hosted configuration.

Cumulus is Cloud File Sharing for the Modern Office

Posted by Craig on December 04, 2017

We've talked about how great file sharing is in the past here on the A&A Blog. An enterprise file sharing platform in the cloud is great for security, cost savings, collaboration and more. Here at A&A Office Systems, we offer a great cloud file sharing tool called Cumulus.

5 Ways Nuance eCopy ShareScan Will Improve Your Office

Posted by Craig on October 19, 2017

It might come as no surprise that we here at A&A Office Systems think the copier can be a cornerstone to your office. What might come as a greater shock is that it's actually true! When combined with smart business practices and modern software, your copier is a much bigger asset than you may realize.

One of our favorite software solutions is eCopy ShareScan from Nuance. eCopy is great because it offers a whole slew of useful features with centralized administration so it's easy to configure and maintain your whole print fleet.

6 Benefits of an Enterprise Cloud File Sharing Platform

Posted by Craig on August 07, 2017

To a certain generation, the term "file sharing" might evoke memories of Napster, Kazaa or Limewire. To yet another generation, it might just mean dropping a folder off at a colleague's desk. Today, information moves through your workplace in very different ways. File folders, flash drives, email attachments are all very common ways to move data, but these are outmoded and carry a number of limitations. Enterprise file sharing in the cloud overcomes these limitations and brings a number of its own benefits.

How to Achieve Office Collaboration Nirvana

Posted by Craig on August 02, 2017

Interoffice collaboration helps keeps the engine running. No person is an island and no department can do it alone. The importance of working together within a team and alongside other teams is a highly emphasized corporate value.

7 Things to Expect With Managed IT Services

Posted by Craig on July 18, 2017

Thinking about managed IT services can be stressful. While it may seem like leveraging a managed service provider would be a challenge or even a culture shock to your existing team, nothing could be further from the truth. A solid vendor with a proven track record will make the implementation as hassle free as possible, and work toward complimenting your department and policies.