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3 Features of Ricoh ICE That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Documents

Posted by Craig on February 20, 2017

As the mechanisms that run our businesses become ever more digital in nature, one thing is certain: If your documents are in paper form only, your information is trapped and isn't serving you as well as it could be. If your documents are electronic, however, the content can be easily retrieved or integrated into time-saving workflows.

Integrated Cloud Environment from Ricoh, better known as Ricoh ICE, sounds a bit like marketing gibberish, but it really is the linking point between your lifeless paper documents and the limitless potential of a vibrant electronic format.

Because ICE is a low-cost subscription, so there's no need for additional software. ICE works right with your existing Ricoh or Savin MFP, but that's not even the best part!

Document Scanning for Law Offices

Posted by Craig on February 09, 2017

Scanning paper documents to digital files carries a number of universal benefits no matter what industry your organization is in. Document scanning is especially useful for the legal vertical, where ongoing litigation and tricky retention policies are common. We're glad to help you understand the advantages, but always be sure to consult your governing guidelines and your clients before committing to anything that may involve document destruction.

What is Document Indexing?

Posted by Craig on February 02, 2017

Document management is tough. Even when you have your document scanning workflow all sorted, and you've invested in a top notch electronic document management system (EDMS) or some variety of electronic content management (ECM), there's still the matter of document indexing.

In comparison to the rest of your document management project, indexing may seem like one of the less important components. It may be tempting to handle indexing later, well after document capture, or overly simplify the indexing method to expedite the process or to save on costs, but this could cause trouble down the road.


What is Electronic Document Management?

Posted by Craig on December 01, 2016

Many businesses, organizations and municipalities are increasingly implementing electronic document management in their offices. It's estimated that by 2021, the enterprise content management market will be worth $66.27b as organizations are finding it more and more difficult to ignore the value of such an investment.

"Whoa, hold up, put on the brakes," you say. "What is electronic document management?"


How to Have the Worst File Organization Ever

Posted by Craig on November 04, 2016

In the day-to-day workplace grind, it's easy for good file organization to become an afterthought. Over time, it's easy for bustle, lax policies, and carelessness to snowball. In my time with document management, I have heard stories that would shake even the steeliest office manager or administrative assistant to their core. Let me take you through how a seemingly typical week can actually create the worst file organization.