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What Is a VPS and Why Your Business Needs One

Posted by Craig on October 19, 2018

Virtual Private Servers or VPS is not new technology. The concept, however, is finding innovative uses for enterprises looking for an economical and reliable method to expand their on-line operations without destroying their budget.

A VPS is a setup that mimics the server functions of a physical computer that would otherwise be located at your business location. But a VPS is virtual instead so it is located somewhere in a datacenter that is accessible over the Internet.

Like a physical computer server, a VPS stores all of the data and files your company uses for its databases or website. When using a VPS, you have choices on the amount of storage space, system RAM (Random Access Memory), and choice of operating system.

Operating your own VPS is not rocket science. A hosting service can handle the heavy lifting for you. So can your company's IT team. A&A Office Systems makes using your personalized VPS a simple, affordable, and secure process. The key to you accessing this smart business technology is A&A Systems' private Cloudsmart Data Center in Branford, Connecticut.

VPS services offer a better, more economical computing solution because you don't need your own server room with dozens of costly server cabinets and computer servers. With a VPS service you get the advantage of using their servers for your hardware. 

VPS solutions are simple and cost-efficient compared to other hosting and server options.

How It Works

Virtual Private Servers use Virtual Machine technology. Virtualization is built around hypervisor technology. It enables a single computer to create and run multiple virtual servers without users having to share limited computer resources.

Think of VPS as a server running within a server. Each VPS user has full and secure access to an isolated virtual computer. VPS is the ultimate virtualization service for your business.

In other words, one physical hardware system functions as the host to separate, independent servers. The advantage is your business is not paying to buy and maintain its own physical computer system. Nor do you pay for shared server resources others are using.

Unlike other shared hosting options, a VPS runs its own copy of an operating system. You have superuser-level access so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

Each VPS functions is a unique, totally isolated server. You can configure your VPS to operate just like a standalone dedicated server. Even better, you can create different VPS machines to load and run a variety of business tasks as needed, all on the same physical computer.

What You Get

VPS technology gives you a cost-effective method for on-demand computing resources. You can scale the amount of RAM and storage space your Virtual Private Server uses to meet changing business needs.

VPS technology gives you a win-win solution for problems related to computer operating and access speed, resource shortage, and growing security concerns. Since your server space is completely private, you get peace of mind about the reliability and safety of your business and website data.

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